Our web design service puts you in control of your own website. Sure, we'll have our ideas and will offer our expertise but ultimately it's your site and we'll build it to your specification.

We have several options available ranging from a simple site to display your company's offerings to a fully fledged bespoke solution or ecommerce site.

Our four main packages are for 'brochure' websites which gives you a professional online presence whilst showing your potential customers what services and products your offer.

Web Design Packages

If you're looking for a more bespoke solution, including an ecommerce store or other complex site design, then you're more likely going to want one of the solutions below.

Every project of this nature is very different so it's best to get in touch for a personalised quote. Prices can vary wildly so it's more helpful for all if we understand your bespoke design needs to guage the level of work required.


Our Approach to Web Design

We understand that buying a website is very different to popping into your local shop for something of similar importance. You can’t see or touch it; in fact, you don’t even know exactly how it’ll look when you agree to hire someone to create it for you. It can be worrying and we get it.

Our process is centred around you, the customer, and you’ll be kept well informed and consulted throughout to alleviate any concerns you have along the way.

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Did you know?

Only 51% of sole traders have a website!

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The web design journey starts with our discovery phase - a free consultation, in person, where we like to find out more about your business and what you want your website to do for you. There’s absolutely no obligation to take things further with us, sometimes we just won’t fit and that’s ok. We don’t charge for this initial consultation, and that means not retrospectively billing you for it if you decide to proceed with us.

We consider this approach as a commitment to small businesses and not-for-profit organisations, as we know web design can be expensive but we pride ourselves of being fair and nobody wants to spend money on an initial meeting! We also commit to fully understanding your business so that we can offer a bespoke service to you.

Once we’ve understood your vision (or created one with you), and we’ve established what features your website will have, we’ll draw up a formal proposal for you to consider. We’re sticklers for detail and believe in being completely transparent about our costs. As a result, we break down the cost of each individual task, step by step, feature by feature, so you can see exactly what’s involved and how much things cost.

We take this approach for two reasons; the first to be totally transparent about our fees; the second is to allow you to pick and choose features should your budget not allow for the full package from the outset. We also allow for any features that don’t make the cut to be added at any time in the future, for the cost we quote in your initial proposal.

In addition to listening to your business needs and discussing the benefits of increasing your online presence, we’ll also make suggestions as to what works and what doesn’t based on our experience. Ultimately, the decisions will lie with you but we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t challenge your thinking to ensure you’re getting the absolute best solution for you and your business.

web design fun fact

Did you know?

43% of small businesses in the south-west don't have a website.

Make your business stand out by getting one today.

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Before proceeding from here we’ll have agreed on the proposal, signed to say we’re both happy with what is to be developed and initial payment of 50% of the total has been made by you.


Time to get the creative juices flowing!

The first stage of our design phase is to create mock-ups of your site for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We’ll provide you with two options at this stage and from experience, we’ll go through several revisions before we’ve agreed on the final layouts.

The initial designs won’t look as polished as the final product but what is does is allow us to agree on where content, menus, logos, images and buttons will go on the site – that’s the purpose of this exercise.

Once agreed we’ll invoice you for a further 20% of the total proposal and payment of this is required to proceed onto the coding of the website.


Ok, this is where the magic happens!

The first stage of the development phase is to create a single-page interactive demo and make it live for you to test. At this stage we can experiment with colours, shapes and fonts and you’ll be able to try out all of the functionality that we agreed would go into the website. We’ll use placeholder text to “fill out” the site to give you a realistic feel as to how it will look.

We’ll create this demo with mobile in mind at this point so full-responsiveness won’t necessarily exist yet – if your site is required for a predominantly desktop-user audience then we’ll create your demo for a desktop experience instead.

Once you’re happy that everything works as it should then we’ll finish building out the remaining pages, add in the responsiveness to ensure it looks and performs fantastic on desktop, tablet & mobile devices.

If you’ve chosen to write your own content for your website then we’d request that you have it ready during this phase as we won’t be able to go-live without it. If you’ve asked us to write this content as part of the initial proposal then we’ll of course have it completed during this phase too.


The development phase is the longest part of the process and so we don’t want you to feel in the dark about what’s going on. We’ll be sure to agree in advance how often you’d like to be kept updated on progress and how you’d like to receive that communication. We’ve found a weekly summary by email has worked well for other clients but we’re happy to discuss what works best for you.


It’s ready, we’ve finished, hoorah! Well, not quite but almost!

During the final phase we’ll upload your website’s files and content to the live server as well as configure your content management system (if you’ve asked for one). We’ll also deliver training on how to make basic updates to your site if you’ve chosen to handle that yourself.

We’ll also register your website with the main search engines in the UK, Google & Bing, as well as setup tracking of website traffic using Google Analytics.

This final phase is all about making your site live to the public so we’ll ask you to view and test the site in its live state to ensure everything is working as it should in a live environment. We’ll fix and bugs (issues) that are identified too so you can rest assured your site will be operating as it should be for your customers.

Aftercare & De-brief

We offer 30 days free aftercare to make sure that any further bugs can be ironed out, after that you’re able to sign-up to one of our support plans which start at just £35 per month and includes free hosting. During these 30 days we don’t make layout changes (unless something is broken) or add new functionality, this is about ensuring your site is working as it should be.

We like to offer you an exceptional service at every step of the journey and so feedback is key to making sure we’re getting that right. It’s important for us to review our performance against deadlines as well as how well we communicated with you throughout and for that we’ll ask for your feedback.

We may send you a post go-live questionnaire or ask you to leave us a review on TrustPilot – this helps us make any tweaks to our processes as well as build our reputation as a reputable web design agency in Swindon and Wiltshire. We take pride in our work and we’re sure that you will too. If you’d like to feature on our site under “testimonials” then we’d love to get a quote from you about the service you’ve received.

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